Opportunities in Auto Detailing – And How Much Money Can I Make?

Agree with it or not there are masses of employment possibilities in auto detailing and this is a career as it is the sort of business you can learn as you’re employed. It only take a couple of months and you can go from a neophyte to a seasoned of vet of the industry in a busy detail shop.

Many people who work in the auto detailing business are actually independent contractors and they get paid for each car they do and the shop deals with a consumer and cuts them a check at the end of every day or week for all of the cars that they have detailed. It is kind of like a running your own business, but someone else is paying all of the bills.

With so many autos, you have your choice of buyers with whom to work. You may want to target a specific niche market to focus on a certain type of service or particular sort of buyer. As an example, there are new auto owners, auto dealerships, RV owners or rental corporations, classic car owners, even your average man car driver who wants his vehicle looking good.

If you love vehicles auto detailing is an excellent job as you work around some of the nicest vehicles around. There are work possibilities in the auto detailing business and perhaps you may wish to think about this as a future possible career trail or a stepping stone while you learn a new trade.

Volunteering in your community is another inexpensive technique to get your business name out there. Participate in local events and give away chits for your auto detailing service. Hold a drawing to collect names of prospective clients, the winner getting a free detail service. You may publicize on telly, radio and the web for less money than you might imagine. Submitting a public relations release is a great example – the media will promote you for free if you send them a great news story about your business.

If you treat your clients well, you’ll end up not having to spend plenty of your time selling because you’ll benefit from repeat patrons. Talking of which, you may want to ask those clients for referrals.

Are there good places to get training? But you will find such coaching in all the parts of the country. Another question that is regularly asked my new entrants into the pro automotive detailing industry is; how much cash does it take to get started?

The solution to this question is that; it is dependent on if you’re going to try and service, wholesale car lot and automobile auction detailing or retail detail or a combination. Perhaps you may be detailing aircraft? Perhaps you are a fired aircraft mechanic and want to detail aircraft then you may be setting up an airplane mobile detailing business or a hanger based operation.

For aircraft cleaning an A & P mechanic would not need much coaching, except maybe quick buffer lessons and review of aircraft coatings and paint; Imron, Polyurethane, and so on. And fabric, Stits, Ceconite, for example. You see the amounts you generate in income will vastly alter depending on the kind of business you run. So think it all through carefully before you leap into the deep end in the detailing business.